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Aly Raisman

  1. 2012 London  Olympic Gold Team Medalist

  2. - Individual Floor Gold - 1st ever U.S. Floor Gold

  3. -Individual Beam Bronze

  4. -Tied 3rd All-Around

  5. Most decorated U.S. gymnast of 2012 Olympics

  6. 2012 Sportswoman of the Year

  7. 2011 World Team Gold Medalist

  8. -Bronze - Floor

  9. -4th - AA, Beam

  10. 2011 Visa Championships

  11. -Bronze - All Around

  12. -Bronze - Floor

  13. 2011 City of Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy: Team Gold, 1st Beam and Floor, 3rd AA

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Alicia Sacramone

  1. 2011 World Team Gold Medalist

  2. 2011 Visa Championships

  3. -Gold - Beam

  4. -Silver - Vault

  5. 3-Time World Champion:

  6. -2010 Vault Gold

  7. -2007 Team Gold

  8. -2005 Floor Gold

  9. 2010 World Team Silver Medalist

  10. 2008 Beijing Olympic Silver Team Medalist

  11. 2008 Visa Championships: Vault Champion, Sliver Floor, Bronze Beam

  12. 2007 World Champion Team Gold, Silver Floor, Bronze Vault

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Work with the Best

Mihai Brestyan
  1. 2013 USA Coach of the Year

  2. 2012 London Olympic, U.S. Gold Team Coach

  3. 2011 USA Coach of the Year 

  4. 2008 Beijing Olympic Coach, U.S. Silver Team

  5.   National Team Coach

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Silvia Brestyan
  1. 20+ yrs. coaching

  2.   International Brevet Judge

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“We  believe in giving every child the opportunity to achieve their goals.  Whether it be at the Local, State, Regional, National or International  level, everyone has the potential to be a champion. ”


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Olympic Dream

See photos of Alicia Sacramone and theOlympic experience.

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Congratulations to our college-bound seniors


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Talia Chiarelli  - Full Athletic Scholarship to University of Michigan

April Baker - Full Athletic Scholarship to Rutgers University

Aly named Bostonian of the Year by Boston Globe Magazine.
Congratulations to our Girls
2014 State Results
Level 10 - State Champions
Level 9 -  State Champions
Level 8 - State Champions
Level 7 - 2nd Place States
Level 6 - State Champions
Level 5 -  13th Place States
Level 4 - 7th Place States
Level 2 - 2nd Place States
Level 1 - 2nd Place States
Xcel Bronze - State Champions
Xcel Gold - 10th Place States
Xcel Platinum - 4th Place States

Congratulations to our 
Regional Champions!!

Level 10
 Khazia Hislop
Olivia Sinrich

Level 9 
Emily Holmes-Hackard
Emily Rothman

Level 8
Lauren Pearl
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Congratulations to our Boys
at Nationals
Marcus Voss - Jr Elite Floor National Champion
Liam Doherty-Herwitz - Jr Elite 4th Floor
Jimmy Conserva - Qualified to AA Finals JO Division

Congratulations to our 
Level 10 Girls at Nationals
Khazia Hislop, Cortni Baker, Aya Mahgoub, Nicole Swirbalus, Lindsay Albert, Alexandra Avendano, Olivia Sinrich

Congratulations to our 
Level 9 Girls at Easterns
Alexa Wilson, Stephanie Berger, Emily Rothman, Dasa Hase, Emma Otsu, Paige Bukowski, Emily Holmes-Hackard, Lovetta Kamara,
Rachel Decious

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Congratulations Youssef and DeAngelo - MA State Team

Congratulations to 
Marcus Voss
Future Star National Championships Qualifier
Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO
Nov. 13 - 16
Parents Night Out
February 28th, Saturday
(rescheduled from 2/14)
4:00 - 7:00 pm
All are welcome!Home_files/Gymnastics%20Parents%20Nightout%20form%20February%202015.pdf