Brestyan's American Gymnastics Club


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Mihai and Silvia Brestyan

Mihai and Silvia Brestyan opened the doors to Brestyan’s American Gymnastics Club in 2000 with its current location in Burlington opening in 2007. They created a unique program built upon unparalleled knowledge of gymnastics learned from over 40 years coaching national teams in Romania, Israel, the U.S. and now Australia. Throughout their careers, the Brestyans’ mission has been to promote the sport of gymnastics. Their unique program reflects their own culture of hard work and dedication to the sport and strives to provide every child with the opportunity to better themselves as an athlete and person.

Mihai and Silvia coached Brestyan’s own Alicia Sacramone and Aly Raisman at six World Championships and the Beijing (2008), London (2012) and Rio (2016) Olympics winning a combined 21 individual and team medals for the U.S. The couple was also honored with the Master of Sport award for their expertise in gymnastics by USAG and were both named Junior Olympics Coaches of the Year for Region 6 in 2006 and 2007. Mihai was additionally recognized nationally as the USAG Coach of the Year for 2005, 2011 and 2013. Most recently, Mihai was inducted into the USAG Hall of Fame in 2017.

In addition to their dedication to Brestyan’s, Mihai and Silvia continue their work in developing the sport of gymnastics in the U.S. Silvia is an FIG Brevet judge. Her judging experience began in Romania and Israel and she currently judges at various national and Elite International events. Mihai has served as a member of the permanent U.S. Women’s National Team coaching staff as the floor exercise expert. In addition to coaching Alicia and Aly individually at countless events, Mihai has represented the U.S. as team head coach at the 2010 and 2015 World Championships. Mihai traveled internationally and conducted lectures on the development of gymnastics as an ambassador for USAG and the FIG in conjunction with his annual lectures at the USAG National Congress. In 2017, Mihai accepted the position of Women's National Team Head Coach in Australia and currently shares his time between Brestyan's and this new venture.


Andreea Toth

Andreea was born and educated in Romania, where she graduated with a Masters degree in sports science. While in Romania, she was a coach for over 10 years and she was also an international FIG Brevet judge. Andreea has been coaching at Brestyan's since the end of 2011. She is one of our level 3 through elite coaches, as well as one of our recreational class instructors


Debbie Pietrafetta

Debbie has been involved in gymnastics for over 40 yrs as an athlete, coach and an official. She was a USGF Class 1 competitor from age 12 through her High School years in which she then earned a Division 1 Scholarship at UMASS Amherst. Her coaching career has focused on all levels and ages groups. From USA Gym Level 1-10, USA Gym Xcel, Preschool, Recreational as well has a High School coach. Along with her passion for coaching, Debbie is a rated Level 4-10 NAWGJ official for USA Gym. Additionally, she is currently serving as a member of NAWGJ Board Member as well as the MA USA Gym Committee Judges Representative. Outside of her dedication the the sport, Debbie spends her remanding free time with her daughter and her varies pets.


Debbie Naka

Debbie was a competitive gymnast for the Stanford University Cardinals. She's our Head Boys' Team Coach and has had many years of national experience with the boys she has coached.



Madhanga Wickramasinghe

Madhanga Wickramasinghe has over 20 years of gymnastics experience including 10 years of coaching. He began gymnastics in Sri Lanka and was able to represent Sri Lanka, as a junior and senior member of the Sri Lankan national team.  Madhanga moved to California where he competed as a level 10 gymnast, and also began his coaching career.  Madhanga has been the assistant coach for the boys team at Brestyan’s since 2015.


Michelle Yerardi

Michelle is a former Level 10 Brestyan's gymnasts. She returned to the club in 2014 in a different role and has since been coaching at various competitive team levels.



Nigel Morrow-Anderson

Nigel has joined the Brestyan's coaching staff in 2017. He is a competitive team coach.




Betty Peavey

Betty has over 35 years of experience in gymnastics coaching, including 25 years of high school gymnastics as head coach. Betty is a former high school and collegiate gymnast. She has coached Xcel for 15 years and enjoys coaching alongside her daughter Julie.



Julie Sauchuk

Julie has over 20 years of gymnastics experience, including being a former level 10 gymnast from Brestyan's. Julie also competed as a Division I gymnast for the University of New Hampshire. Julie has been coaching Xcel for 6 years, and loves to continue her passion for gymnastics through coaching.



Janié VanPutten

Janié is a former Level 10 gymnast and a member of the Ohio State Women's Gymnastics Team. In addition to coaching at Brestyan's, Janié is currently acquiring a Masters of Occupational Therapy from Tufts University.



Regina Rozzi

Regina’s love for gymnastics began as a competitor in USAG as well as USAIGC and High School gymnastics. Her career in coaching began 38 years ago in which her experience includes Preschool, Recreational, High School, Developmental, USAG Junior Olympic and Xcel. Regina has been the Director of  2 successful programs and in addition to coaching in Massachusetts she has also coached in Virginia and Chicago. Her commitment to the sport and knowledge she has is a fantastic piece to Brestyan’s coaching staff. 



Kristen Harder

Kristen trains at Brestyan's as a competitive gymnast in the Xcel program as well as coaching classes. She is currently in Xcel Platinum and is working on becoming an Xcel Diamond. Her favorite event is bars, on which she was the 2016 Xcel Gold State Champion. In addition to competing and training at Brestyan's, she is an active member of the Burlington High School varsity gymnastics team.  Kristen loves coaching and enjoys helping younger kids learn new skills so that they can become more advanced gymnasts.


Lance Alani

Lance is an experienced and qualified gymnastics coach who loves working with his gymnasts. As a former competitive gymnast from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, he won the Illinois State Championship three years in a row. He also has experience as a Water Safety Instructor for the American Red Cross. While in college, Lance studied Computer Science, Child Psychology and Child Development. For the past eight years he has been teaching boys and girl’s gymnastics levels 2-8. His favorite gymnast is Xiao Qin.