Brestyan's American Gymnastics Club


Recreational Classes



Mom & Me

 Walking to 3 Years Old
(45 minutes)

Our Mom (or Dad!) and Me program is a great way to spend some time with your little one. This class helps toddlers get a head start on developing gross and fine motor skills, basic coordination, listening skills and interactive play. Parent and child participate in a variety of activities and age appropriate gymnastics.



Tiny Tumblers

3 - 4 Years Old
(45 minutes)

Here our 3-4-year old boys and girls begin to venture out on their own increasing their self-confidence and basic gymnastics fundamentals. They will explore all Olympic apparatus through basic gymnastics and gross motor skills.



 Future Stars        &       Bright Stars

 4 - 5 Years Old                     Kindergarten
(60 minutes)                         (60 minutes)

These programs teach the fundamentals of gymnastics on all Olympic apparatus to boys and girls ages 4-6 years old. You will enjoy watching your child continue to develop coordination, strength, balance and courage all while having fun in a safe environment.



Shining Stars

4 - 6 Years Old
(60 minutes)

In this program boys and girls develop a broader skill base and are ready for more of a challenge. These young athletes will explore more complex gymnastics movements, physical activates, and strengthening skills all while continuing to expand their gymnastics skills.



School Age

Girls and boys by grade

 Level 1          Level 2
(60 minutes) (90 minutes)

Brestyan's grade level recreational program is divided into two skill levels with classes arranged by age. The program incorporates gymnastics skills with fitness, flexibility and strength. The Level 1 one-hour class focuses on basic gymnastics skills on all Olympic apparatus.  In this program the gymnast will enjoy learning skills on floor such as handstands, cartwheels and bridge work while on uneven bars, they will focus on pullovers, casts and back hip circles.

Our trained coaching staff evaluate gymnast's progress throughout each class session. As the gymnast masters skills, they will be challenged with more complex moves. Once the gymnast attains a certain proficiency on all apparatus they may be recommended to the Level 2 program. Here, as the gymnast continues to conquer more advanced moves and increases their strength, they will demonstrate skills such as round-offs, walk overs, back handsprings on the floor exercise as well as handstands, cartwheels and beautiful jumps on the balance beams.